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  How you can "get the edge" in virtually any area of your life...

If you're like most people, you have no doubt been in some of the following situations:

 - You plan to ask your boss for a raise, but don't know when it would be best to approach him or her. Will you have luck on your side?

 - You still haven't found that special someone, and are just dying to know when the chances are best that true love will enter your life in the form of a romantic relationship.  

- You are planning to make a major change in life:  buy a new house, change jobs, start a new business, and would just love to know: "Will I have luck with what I am planning?

You've been going through a really difficult time in life, and you would give just about anything to know: "When will things improve?"

 - You like to gamble on occasion, and would like to improve the odds by finding those times that promise to bring good luck.

 - As much as you love your spouse, the two of you DO have an occasional argument. Won't you feel lucky when you know when such outbreaks are most likely to occur, so that at least you will be forewarned, and will be able to "keep your cool" when the situation threatens to overheat?  

In life, good timing means the difference between success and failure!

Hi, I'm David Bolton, astrologer, and designer of Omnicycles astrology software, that lets you follow the "ups and downs" of your life, by viewing your lucky and unlucky times in easy-to-understand astrology graph format.

   Even if you know nothing about astrology, you can use Omnicycles, since all you have to do is put in your birth data, and the program does the rest!

   Here's a sample graph done with Omnicycles, for the area of work. The blue lines indicate the times that will most likely be fortunate, whereas the red lines show the periods that have a higher probability of being unlucky, or stressful:


(Size of graph reduced to better fit page; Graphs can be made larger or smaller, as you prefer.)

   Now, some of you might say: "Hey, when things happen is just coincidence. There's no way to tell whether a certain time in the future is going to be better or worse than other times!"

   All I can say to that is... nonsense!

   Thirty-three years of experience with astrology has shown me beyond a doubt that it IS possible to foresee both the positive as well as the negative tendencies of your future.

   True astrology is not based solely on your "sign" (i.e., "Sun sign"), but must take all of the elements of your natal chart into account.

   And what is a "natal chart"?

   Simply put, your natal chart is a map of the planetary positions at the moment of your birth.

   The natal chart not only shows the exact position of your Sun, but also of "your" Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In addition, it reveals the position of your Ascendant - the "rising point" in the east at your moment of birth, which is also of astrological significance.

    It is not my intention to go into any great detail about the natal chart. There are many sites that give excellent information on this subject, for those who want to learn more about astrology. And my free Ebook "Understanding Astrology" explains all you need to know to get started with natal chart interpretation (see end of this page, or click here).

   But let me say here that even the free, demo version of Omnicycles allows you to do natal charts for youself, your family and friends - and as many as you want!

  And the full version of Omnicycles allows you to foresee the "ups and downs" of your future in many different areas: love, work, finances, social life, physical vitality and more.

With Omnicycles, you'll be able to see...

    - when you can expect to be at your best, physically and mentally

    - when the possibilities for romance will be greatest

    - when "Lady Luck" will most likely be on your side

    - when your chances of success will be highest for finding a job,
       starting a business, or beginning a new project

    - when your intuitive abilities will be keener than average

    - when times will most likely get rough - but more importantly,
       when you can expect things to start getting better

    - when it will be best to travel, or go on vacation

                                    ...and more!

           OMNICYCLES software makes it possible!

   Omnicycles uses advanced astrological techniques to create astrology graphs for any time period - a year (or years!), months, weeks, days, even hours - showing you when you can expect to have "good times" in many areas of your life.

   Of course, you will also be able to foresee when difficulties might arise in any one of those same areas. This is nothing to be afraid of: it is, in fact, very useful, for you will know when it is best to avoid risks, and you'll also be able to see when those frustrating streaks of "bad luck" will end, giving way to more fortunate times.




"My graph showed good luck with money for the month of April, and on April 8th, I was accepted for a job I had applied for, but hadn't thought I'd get. My financial problems were soon over!"  - Ester L, Spain

I saw in my astrology graph that there was going to be a lot of stress in the first week of May. I didn't think anything would happen, but I was wrong: my boss wanted me to go on a business trip in Europe May 2th, and I can confirm that the graph was right after all. It really was a lot of stress (12 hours of work a day for a week)."  Shinichi K., Japan
"My love graph showed I would have luck in love for June, and I got more than I bargained for. I met two girls, and got along great with both of them. (Of course, after the "good luck" phase ended, things got more problematic, but then, at least it was fun while it lasted!)"  Troy C., Toronto

"I am impressed... I used past events, and was pleasantly surprised how accurate the graphs were."  Anne R., Atlanta

"I like the way you can do graphs for so many things. The love graph has been especially helpful!"  Sandra B., Harrisburg

"Brilliantly useful!"  Ian C., UK

"My son is really excited about the new business he is planning to open on October 15th. I did an Omnigraph for him for this month, and lo and behold! The blue line in the work graph peaks on just that day, so he might just have luck!" S.P., Germany

   Now, I'll be honest with you: if you are already a client of a master astrologer, you probably do not need Omnicycles. If your astrologer takes the time to prepare your session, and carefully studies the planetary influences for the future time period you want to know about, then he or she will be able to reveal the tendencies that are awaiting you in the weeks or months to come.

   Of course, a single session with a good astrologer can cost you anywhere from $150, to many hundreds of dollars. Won't you feel lucky when you can get years of future predictions right at your computer, with this amazing astrology software?

   With Omnicycles, you yourself can calculate and view the trends of your future, and for any time period you wish, whether it fall within this year, or any year in the future.

   What's more: Omnicycles lets you do future graphs not only for yourself, but for your friends, family, clients... obviously, the real value of such a program would be many thousands of dollars.

   But you can purchase Omnicycles right now, for the price of only $197.

   This price includes technical support by email, should you have any problems with installation, or while working with Omnicycles.

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      ...or keep reading to see how to get the free demo version of Omnicycles!

   With Omnicycles, you can get a better grip on many areas of your life, by knowing when to take advantage of fortunate astrological constellations, but also, when to "lie low", should these influences not be in your favor during a certain period of time.

   I say this not only because so many of my clients and friends have told me how Omnicycles has helped them to improve their "timing" in life, but also because I myself have seen again and again how the planetary positions have corresponded to the ups and downs in my own life!

   You will no longer have to be in the dark about the future tendencies of your life - rather, with the help of Omnicycles, you will be able to "go with the flow", using the good times to the maximum, seeing when you will probably have luck, and avoiding taking any risks when the influences are not in your favor.

   Can you really afford not to get the edge that Omnicycles will give you by showing you the trends of your future, whether it's tomorrow, next week, a few months, or even years down the road?

   Still not sure it's for you? No problem:

   Click here to download the free demo version of Omnicycles!

   Install the demo, give it a try, see how it "feels"...

   Even if you decide not to buy the full version that enables you to do the future graphs, you won't have wasted your time, because even the free demo version allows you to calculate natal charts for you or anyone else, and offers full-page, attractive print-outs of the charts you cast.

   In addition, I'll give you, absolutely free of charge, an Ebook I wrote entitled

                        "Understanding Astrology"

   Using what you learn in this short course, together with the natal charts you can calculate and print out with the demo version of Omnicycles astrology software, you will be able to cast and interpret your own birth chart, or those of your family and friends!

   It's my way of saying "thank you" for trying out Omnicycles.

   Once again, here is the place to go to get your free demo version of Omnicycles, plus your free copy of my Ebook "Understanding Astrology".

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   Thanks for visiting my site, and enjoy Omnicycles!


   Do you have any questions about Omnicycles? Feel free to write me, at:

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